BiH national team 2020/21


In December 2020, I received an invitation from the Volleyball Federation of BiH to be part of the professional staff of the volleyball national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the initiative of coach Misa Marjanovic, whom I thank, as well as coach Ifet Mahmutovic.

(Photo: Timeout at the match against the Macedonian national team.)

I responded to the invitation and we started preparations in Lukavac, with a lot of work and work on recovery after intensive training, mostly due to the inadequate (harder) surface in the gym. After the preparations in Lukavac, we will go to Macedonia, Skopje, where we will play against the national team of Macedonia and Turkey, two games with each national team, in the hope that we will qualify for the European Championship in 2021.

(Photo: BiH national team before going to Macedonia, Skopje.)

Of the equipment and tools for FT, I used cartridge FT devices from the doctor’s office:

  • Ultrasound, Medisound 3000,
  • Magnet Globe,
  • Globus Triathlon Pro – Electrostimulator,
  • Venom Hyperice Warm Up Belt,
  • hypervolt,

and tools: Ergon and cupping cups.

Consumables, medicines and bandages (first aid, athletic tape, kinesio tape) provided by the Volleyball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina @nfbih, to whom I hereby thank.

I applied manual techniques, devices and FT tools to speed up recovery and return our national team players to the field as soon as possible.

I received a lot of thanks from our golden boys, the professional staff and the federation who, despite their work and dedication, did not manage to secure a place at the EP 2021.

It is a great honor and pleasure to work with these guys and the professional staff:

Almir Colo – captain
Milos Popovic
Adin Fazlic
Adi Osmanovic
Kenan Merdanovic
Emir Makas
Milan Mitrinovic – Gile
Hasan Hadzic
Bahrija Zenovic – Grandmothers
Ivo Ivic
Davor Dominkovic
Sanjin Bezdrov – Junior
Damir Mehmedovic – Dake
Mensur Alic,

Ifet Mahmutovic – selector
Miso Marjanovic – coach

who showed their how great are they bot as volleyball players and especially as humans.

Photo taken before the start of the match with the Macedonian national team, in the ‘Boris Trajkovski’ hall, Skopje 2021.
Photo taken before the start of the match with the Turkish national team in the ‘Boris Trajkovski’ hall, Skopje 2021.
Photo: Timeout during the match against the Turkish national team.
Photo: Coach Miso Marjanovic and physiotherapist Minja Djorojevic, before the start of the match against Turkey
Photo: National team member Bahrija Zenovic – Bake
Photo: National team of Bosnia and Herzegovina

I have to say to you:


Thank you.

Minja Djorojevic